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Creating impact via sustainable public goods.

About Background

What Are We Doing?

At Decentragora, we're building a revolutionary collective that champions innovation, synergy, and progress within the Ethereum ecosystem. Our mission, inspired by the spirit of ancient Greek agoras, revolves around promoting environmental sustainability, privacy, and decentralization as key pillars of a balanced future.

We believe that by democratizing access to knowledge and empowering communities through regenerative practices, we can co-create a future where everyone can contribute to and benefit from our collective progress.

Our digital infrastructure boasts cutting-edge components like on-chain memberships, Anti-Sybil ID implementation, Attestation Stations, and state-of-the-art zero-knowledge technologies that safeguard user privacy. Simultaneously, our physical infrastructure encompasses dynamic coworking hubs, groundbreaking hacker havens, and inspiring tech retreats, fostering a breeding ground for ingenuity, collaboration, and personal growth.

Tech Garden

A Subscription For Impact

To create impact as a collective, we developed a distinctive NFT-based membership model. Member dues are collected in the treasury and used to fund public goods.

As a member, eventually you’ll have a say in how the funds get used. We have four tiers to foster an open and diverse collective. Our memberships cater to various needs and interests. Each subscription creates a future impact.

Sybil Prevention & ZKP technology

Open Source Tools & Resources

Open Research Initiatives

Sustainable Public Goods


Focus Areas

Open Research and Innovation

Committed to open research, promoting regenerative and sustainable development for public goods and services. The focus is on collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and problem-solving to drive innovation and empower communities.

Open Research and Innovation

Democratizing Access to Knowledge

Striving to make knowledge accessible to everyone by breaking down barriers and embracing open-access models. The goal is to encourage the free flow of research findings, inclusivity, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Amplifying the Impact of Research

Leveraging collective intelligence to amplify research impact through collaboration. Pooling resources and expertise to address global challenges, forge networks across research institutions, and harness decentralized technologies like the Ethereum network.

Facilitating Optimistic Loops

Empowering communities by aligning Open Research with regenerative development principles. Optimistic loops encourage locally tailored solutions, promote public goods and infrastructure development, and fosters a cycle of positive impact.

Public Goods and Decentralized Tech

Dedicated to creating and maintaining public goods essential for society's well-being. Embracing decentralization, Ethereum, and verifiable systems for a more equitable, sustainable, and responsive approach to public goods in an ever-evolving world.

Read the Greepaper to learn more

How Does DecentrAgora Help Summon Ether’s Phoenix?

DecentrAgora is wholeheartedly committed to supporting the rise of Ether's Phoenix, a pivotal step in the evolution of the Ethereum ecosystem. Our dApp is designed to allow anyone to harness the power of the EVM by simplifying, creating, deploying, and managing decentralized applications and smart contracts.

By providing a comprehensive suite of tools and a secure, reliable infrastructure, we empower developers to develop and maintain their projects effectively. Additionally, we furnish users with the necessary data and analytics to make informed decisions about their endeavors, including live blockchain data access and various tools for tracking their deployed contracts.

Our active involvement in the Ethereum community is central to our mission. DecentrAgora participates in various ways, such as attending and hosting events, engaging in forums and chats, and offering support and guidance to developers and users alike.

Our ultimate goal is to help create a vibrant, healthy Ethereum ecosystem via impact as a collective, ensuring Ether's Phoenix's victorious rise and fostering EVM innovation.

Researching Problems

Developing Solutions

Deploying to the EVM

Sustaining Public Goods

C meta terminal


DecentrAgora is a metaverse terminal, a bootloader for hyper collaboration via the Ethereum network— the infinite garden.

Ethereum is open and accessible to all and is a facilitator of perpetual cooperative games. DecentrAgora is like a team— players among many but always willing to play along; the perpetual player one.

The end goal of DecentrAgora is the modern Agora. Public institutes that compound and unlock a golden era.

Institutions that uplifted Ancient societies and fostered the beginnings of our civilization. We still need them— that's why we first built them.

The analogy here is; to get ahead, we can't allow others to fall behind.

Not only were public institutions mandated thousands of years ago, but the public willingly maintained them. Why? Because we made them for the benefit of the people.

We'll build dAgoric research centers worldwide if it means people get access to tools or resources that allow them to create positive impact & then profit.

A collective found within the infinite garden; if there were attendants of metaversal waystations, we would be them— the guide to accompany the Ethernaut throughout the metaverse, if you will.

We currently steward a terminal, providing entry and tour guides for the metaverse, fully equipped with the Infinite Possibility Drive. ∞

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